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www.missedperson.com website and MissedPerson Mobile Application is for the parents, guardians, law enforcement agencies on a one to one manner as an alternative and unconventional method for locating a missing person who is lost or is suspected of having been kidnapped or is a runaway. It serves as a complement for the conventional methods and is not intended to interfere with the system's procedures or to promote false hope.

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A special note: This service is used to help people in finding missing people. The major source of information is through the Law Enforcement Agencies. However, in the event of it being discovered that certain information has been wrongly/inaccurately displayed, we will not be liable for any claim including claim for damages. In case if any person has knowledge of the inaccuracy or intangibility about a missing person, it may be kindly be brought to our notice and we would rectify/remove the displayed information forthwith.

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The person who is posting about a missing person should upload these documents carefully:
1. A clear recent image of missing person.
2. A scanned F.I.R copy of the complaint given about the missing person.
3. A photo I.D proof of the complainer.
4. Complete details about the missing person like Skin colour, Hair type, Height, Languages known etc.

Please understand that on pressing Submit button with the above mentioned details, the complainer unconditionally agrees to the company to use the given documents and information with the complainer's mobile number, device IMEI number with location with regard that the company will not share any information to any third parties at any circumstances.

The above given terms and conditions can be changed any moment without prior notice to the user according to the company laws